Magicians in Hummelstown PA


Eddy Ray, Hummelstown PA’s Best Magician

Welcome to Magicians in Hummelstown, PA! We’re home to the best and the busiest magician in the area, Eddy Ray!

We create unforgettable parties and events by offering unique magic shows that leave kids and adults fully entertained and amazed! Whether you’re planning a small birthday party, summer camp, blue and gold banquet, festival or other event your guests are guaranteed to have the most amazing magical experience ever!

What makes our Hummelstown, PA magician the best? He has tons of experience and expertise and specializes in family entertainment! Performing well over 250 shows each year, he is often booked well in advance.

With that said, please contact us today and we are more than happy to send you further details and pricing on our amazing magic shows!

Call 1-877-297-7252 or fill out the form now!


Our magic shows consist of 3 key ingredients to make your party exciting and unforgettable.
1. Highly Energetic – We keep things moving throughout the show meaning there is never a dull moment. We are able to draw in the attention of kids and adults through our skilled showmanship, unique magical tricks, humor, and participation which ┬áreally makes the show full of energy!
2. We mentioned it a bit earlier, audience participation and interaction. Eddy isn’t the real star of the show, the kids and adults who volunteer will create such memorable moments by helping with the magic your guests will be discussing it well after the show has ended. Word of mouth!
3. Detail. Eddy pays great attention to detail and makes sure you are at ease with everything from the booking to the entire show. He can be quite flexible and does not mind performing outdoors for various venues. He makes it a point for every show to arrive a bit early, this way you know your entertainment is there and preparing… less stress on your end!